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Miss Night suggested that my husband and I read from one of hers or any erotic book at night before we play...let me just say that we took her advice and it has been wonderful! Her books bring excitement to us and will never forget how sweet, yet not shy she was when we met in Fort Wayne! We love her!!
-April and Diante 

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Angel, she will not only leave a wonderful lasting impression on you, she'll leave a mark on your heart...your soul. She was so helpful and compassionate when I approached her with a problem I was having at home with a nasty ghost. She is simply amazing and thanks to her, my home is more peaceful now than it's ever been!

-Palo M.

I have known Angel for 30 years and I have not met another soul like her! She's kind and has helped my family during several sad moments in our lives! She's one of a kind and we adore her! 
-Kasey W.

I had the pleasure of working with Angel and I can't express how professional and honest she is! Class-A person!
-John U.

I first met Miss Night at a convention in Michigan and bought one of her books...I was hooked from the moment I read Magick Man and love all of her stories. They're so real and easily relatable!
-Heather F.

Angel Vaow is an accomplished and best-selling author of over 50 titles, including three Oracle decks with companion guides! She hails from Pennsylvania and is a mother of two amazing adult children and one fur baby. She is a well-known medium and paranormal consultant with over 35 years of experience! 


Angel has investigated over 300+ locations as well has been called on 75+ private cases. Her reputation is held in the highest regard, both with the living and the dead. Often being called a conduit or "ghost magnet" and "ghost girl" the bottom line is that spirits feel safe with her and purposely reach out to her. Her team, G.O.T.H. (Goddesses On The Hunt) has been able to validate everything Angel sees or senses on an investigation. Angel, Pam, and Ruth work well together and are well-known in the paranormal community.

Angel is also a photographer, poet, lyricist, event coordinator, and avid cook and crafter!

Miss Night's stories are delightful! She exposes our insecurities in such a delicate way that we don't feel as if we're being called out, but feeling like we're not alone! Brilliant!

-Misty G

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